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We bring together successful female solopreneurs in all industries to share free resources...everything from operations to business planning and work-life balance.Join other women like you - with dreams, plans, and no time for bullshit -
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every woman is an army

We contain multitudes — we care for families, friends, children, parents. We manage groceries and appointments and houses and people. We work for money, and we’re probably here because we’re working on something on the side, too.We work multiple jobs more often than men. We’re burning out at a higher rate than men, and we put up with more shit at work. We do a lot more unpaid work — especially since the pandemic.We’re also, you know, trying to take care of ourselves. Getting in gym runs between conference calls and groceries. Remembering to floss and take care of our skin. Trying to find the time to take a bath or book a massage for six months from now or see our friends for a glass of wine and an evening of laughter.

We take care…of everything.
Maybe it’s time we have a place that takes care of us.

We believe womxn should share what we've learned, work together more often, and build better businesses together. Whatever you’re working on — a side business, a consulting firm, an Etsy store, an online shop — you deserve to have a community working with you.Taking on something that feels like it might have a future in that quiet place in your heart is a big, scary leap — especially when you’re surrounded by people who need you to take care of them. One Woman Army can be the support you need, to take care of you on your entrepreneurial journey.

One Woman Army is a space for us to do that together.


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learn from our short, quick and easy tutorials on everything from setting up your business to deciding how to scale to hiring and retirement
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am I the only one?

all those questions?
yeah, it's not just you.
we all get frustrated, angry, jilted by clients and projects and late payments.
check out our faq to see what other people are asking - trust us, you're not the only one.

  • Where does the name come from?

  • I’m not sure where it originated, but I’ve always loved it as a line in an Ani DiFranco song.

  • What’s different about being the general of your own one woman army?

  • Running a side business— or a full-time business — is just plain harder when you’re a woman. Period. It’s harder for us because we all carry that ‘third shift’ load of unpaid work, because we’re all caretaking for someone or something, because we’re already working from limited energy and resources. And, sadly, it’s still true that it’s often harder for us because men make it so - whether at work, in boardrooms, on hiring committees, and everywhere else - or because we're still operating in a system built by and for men. The very specific focus of this space is on solo womxn enterprises because that’s what I’ve known, it’s what I’ve taught, and it’s a gap in the existing internet.

  • Is One Woman Army right for me?

  • One Woman Army is a space built specifically for solo female entrepreneurs, or cofounders, or partners. Being a very small team (or a team of one) comes with its own challenges, solutions, and needs — and there’s very little out there to support you when you’re on your own. This will probably not be a useful space for you if you work on a larger team or in a company that you don’t run.

  • What if I’m a man?

  • We’ve decided for now to keep our community womxn only. It helps us ensure a safe and welcoming environment, and helps us address many of the problems we’re trying to solve specifically for women. Best of luck!

  • What do we talk about here, and who the hell is running this thing?

  • Hi, I'm Emily! I spent over twenty years as a single mom + female solopreneur (on top of my day jobs I was always afraid to walk away from). In that time, I learned how to take the resources out there and customize them for what I needed, as a busy mom with a business and a day job. There are very few resources in the world for us, so this space holds content, resources, and classes that are specifically designed to meet that need. From financing to business planning to marketing, almost everything I ever found as a 20+ year independent entrepreneur was a resource I had to refine down to a level where it would work for me. This site contains everything I learned in that process, with more being added as people request things I’ve forgotten I know. 😅

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one woman army is a project run by emily adair at carolina creators,
in collaboration with a bunch of beautiful womxn from around the world.